No matter where you're having your ceremony, one of the most important details to think about is the sound. We've attended a few weddings where we were frustrated because we could not hear what the officiant was saying, a problem that could have easily been taken care of with a small sound system and microphone.

Your guests are not only coming to see you get married, but they also want to hear what is being said. If your venue does not have a built-in sound system, you should consider including one with your package, so that your guests don't miss anything. You may also want to ask your officiant if they prefer a wireless handheld or lav (clip on) microphone.

Be sure to add ceremony sound to your quote if you think you may need it. Also, at your request, we will attend your rehearsal for no extra charge.

Guest Readers

Will anyone be doing a reading during the ceremony? If so, we can provide a mic on a stand, so they can have their hands free while they speak.

This is especially important if there will not be a place for the reader to set their paper or book. It can be awkward to hang onto both the paper and the microphone, so a mic stand solves that problem.

Sound Feed to Videographer

Are you hiring a videographer? We can provide a direct audio feed for the camera, so that the sound is clear and easy to hear for your video. We're sure you've seen wedding videos where the audio was echoey and hard to hear. Let's make sure your wedding video doesn't turn out that way. Also, we can record all of the audio from your ceremony directly onto our laptop if needed.

Vocalists & Instruments

Will anyone be singing or playing an instrument? If so, we can provide a wireless mic for a singer and connect an instrument directly to the sound system.

We're even happy to coordinate this with your performers to make sure we have the cables they will need on the day of your wedding.