Uplighting & Pinspotting - Stonebriar Country Club Myers Grand

If you’re looking for a way to make a dramatic difference for a modest price, here’s an example of uplighting and pinspotting at Stonebriar Country Club.

First, here’s a shot with uplighting only (no pinspotting):

Myers Grand - Uplighting (without pinspotting) #2

And here’s the same room with pinspots aimed at the large floral centerpieces. Notice how much the flowers stand out with the additional pin spotting:

Myers Grand - Uplighting & Pinspotting #2 (dimmer)

Here’s a closer look at one of the centerpieces:

Myers Grand Pinspotting

Lastly, we can also change the color of the room instantly with a lighting controller. In a spit second, the entire room has been changed to purple in these pics:

Myers Grand - Uplighting (purple) & Pinspotting #1

Myers Grand - Uplighting (purple) & Pinspotting #2