Wedding Slideshow Ideas & Tips

Slideshows can add a nice touch to your wedding, and there are several unique ways to present your photos. Keep reading for ideas, tips, and advice to get you started.

Where should I show my slideshow?

On your wedding weekend, there will probably be a few different opportunities to share your favorite photos, such as:
- at the rehearsal dinner
- during the reception cocktail hour (looped)
- during dinner (played once)
- during your special dances

A few side notes: Showing it at the rehearsal dinner is nice; however, keep in mind that many restaurants may not have a screen and projector available (or sound equipment). Also, if you have a lot of pictures to show (more than 25-50), you will probably want to consider letting the slideshow play in the background while people are mingling and having cocktails. I’ll talk about this more later.

What about a slideshow to go with my first dance?

This is a great idea, and it also works for other special dances, too, like a father/daughter dance. What’s nice about these is that you only need 2-3 dozen pictures to accompany your song, and you don’t need to include the music with the slideshow. Your DJ can play the song from his sound system while the slideshow plays, which is much easier than trying to connect the video player to the sound system.

How long should my slideshow be?

Keep it short! If you’ve ever had to sit through a very long slideshow, I’m sure you found yourself getting bored after the first few minutes. As a guideline, try to go no longer than 3-5 minutes to keep people’s attention. If the slideshow will be playing in the background during cocktails or dinner, the length isn’t as important, since you aren’t trying to get everyone to watch it from start to finish.

How many pictures will I need?

On average, you’ll probably want to keep each picture on the screen for about five seconds, which means you can show 12 pictures each minute. Windows Movie Maker, for example, by default will display a photo for five seconds after dragging it onto your video timeline.

How do I create a slideshow?

If you don’t have someone creating it for you, I have posted links to some simple tutorials for both Windows and Mac users on this page.

Get started on yours today!

Slideshows can really add a lot to the enjoyment of your rehearsal dinner or reception, yet often times they are the last thing on the “to do” list. If you keep it simple and short (as you should), creating one shouldn’t be too difficult or time consuming. But don’t leave it until the very end, because I’ve often times seen them get “scrapped.”

Get started by making a folder on your computer labeled “Wedding Slideshow,” and start copying your special pictures into the folder today. In fact, you probably already have a bunch on your hard drive right now. Then when you are ready to put it together, your photos will all be in one place, making it easy and fast to create the perfect slideshow.